Does this acne treatment work?
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Wondering if a specific acne treatment (Isolaz) is actually effective or not.

I've been suffering from mild to moderate acne for a while now. I'm under the care of a dermatologist and have used several different pills/topicals with varying degrees of success. My face has finally gotten to the point where my acne is more to the mild side of the spectrum but still not totally clear.

Found out about a treatment called Isolaz. Everything I have heard about it seems great but I have the following reservations about it...
i) High per session price
ii) Always worried if these sort of things will make my face look worse/redder than before
iii) My dermatologist doesn't offer it in their offices, so I would need to find some place that does

If anyone has had any experiences with Isolaz I'd love to hear them. Did it actually clear your skin and does your skin stay clear or are repeat treatments needed?
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There's a few articles on PubMed about it, and it seems to have done fairly well, of course, there were almost certainly some degree of conflict of interest in at least the funding or whatnot, but it's better than nothing.
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Why not ask your dermatologist?
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I had one session of Isolaz, and my experience was very much ii). I really like a laser called Smoothbeam -- it reduces oil production and promotes new collagen, and always makes my skin look better within a day (there's a bit of redness immediately after).
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