Why does Access change my pivot chart view?
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A Microsoft Access issue: When I try to add a new variable to a pivot chart, the chart goes to a weird zoomed-in view. In this view, I can't add any new variables, nor see any trends. If I change to a different view, then back to pivot chart, everything appears as it should.

Screenshots of before adding a field, after adding a field, and after changing views away and back again. My only guess is that this may be related to the number of time (x-axis) points, but I've worked with larger datasets before without encountering this issue. Any ideas about what's causing it, or a workaround?
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It's been a while since I used Access, but I always found its pivot table functionality to be harder to use than the equivalent functionality in Excel. How about exporting the underlying data table to Excel and creating the pivot table there?
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