iTunes Column Browser... where art thou?
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Why can't I use iTunes' column browser on my work machine?

I have all my music on my iphone (~50gb). I used to manually manage all my music but recently decided to go legit and let iTunes do it all (I want to maintain my ratings in one place so I can update when I get a new phone, etc).

Now, when I connect my iPhone at work, I can't use the column browser without changing to manual update, which wipes the phone.

Why am I being penalized (no way to browse my music) when I'm playing by the rules?
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So View -> Column Browser doesn't work? I've got my iphone set to manual mode as well, and it works okay for me - but I'm only using the one iTunes, which may be to blame. (although I did find another (external) post that has the same issue). I can't, however, change the view from grid to coverflow to columns with albums - I'm stuck in column mode. On a Mac, which might be relevant.
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Could this be related to Internet filters at your workplace? Some functions of iTunes are not available where I work because of this.
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No... it is a "feature" of iTunes. My phone is not set to manual mode, but synchs w/ my home computer. Column Browse is only available either a) on your synch machine, or b) all machines w/ manual update.

I was hoping someone here knew Apple's rationale..
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