Evil Enters the Kitchen
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I'm working on a project featuring actors and actresses playing the role of the villain and I need some help.

It will be shot for both print and broadcast. Minimal props and a simple white background. The finished product will ideally look something like this.

There is a twist. Each scenario will be presented as though the actor is committing some act of evil, whether strangling a helpless victim or poisoning someone's soup. But it only appears that way. For example, shooting from behind we see a man violently and repeatedly bringing a bloody hammer over his head and smashing it downward. And then we throw in a caption like: "Boris Karloff in his kitchen at home tenderizing a steak." The classic misdirect.

So I have at least six or seven actors and just one solid idea so far (see above). Anyone feeling inspired out there?
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What is it you're asking for help with?
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One of those Snidely Whiplash types apparently tying a woman to the train tracks, but he's really a Pilates instructor.
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Someone apparently strangling someone else from behind, but they are really just helping them tie a necktie.
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Nice one Rock Steady.
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Someone seeing a shadowy figure through a window shade raising a butcher knife and lowering it repeatedly in a stabbing motion. In reality it's Joan Crawford or whomever ripping the upholstery on an old feather-stuffed living room chair.
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And xingcat, thank you, that's headed in the right direction but the deal with this project are that all these actors and actresses are playing themselves. And they are all pretty well-known, especially for past roles as villains. And so this is just them being themselves, only with an evil atmosphere surrounding their otherwise mundane actions in the garden, in the kitchen, in the bathroom, etc.
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Anything on the TVTropes Abuse Mistake page?
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Reese Witherspoon is shown in silhouette repeatedly stabbing a knife towards someone but as the lighting changes it becomes obvious that she is merely explaining a joke.
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A silhouetted actor pounding his/her fists downward, only to be revealed as over-enthusiastic bread-kneading.
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This might be tricky to do in print, but Tony Sirico brandishes a gun at a person who appears to be reaching for a shoulder holster. The other person pulls out a pack of cigarettes from an inside jacket pocket, and Paulie Walnuts pulls the trigger to reveal that the gun is a novelty lighter.
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violent shoulder actions over another person who is head-down in a sink or bathtub.... red trickle down the drain... but our protagonist is just helping a friend dye their hair red

rhythmic shoveling noise, disgusted look, mysterious cry.... but our protagonist is just scooping the cat litter

roomful of lit screens with apparent surveillance video, mastermind checking in on control screens, issuing sinister commands like "scrub them out" etc.... but our protagonist is just talking to household cleaning staff thru in-house camera/intercom

giant eyes with frenzied precise chopping and slicing.... our protagonist is cutting tiny decorative food sculptures, or arranging flowers etc

a figure with its back to us, on a bridge - our protagonist suddenly shoves the figure off.... but it turns out they are bungee jumping partners

rainy night and a figure is roughly stuffing a large covered bundle into the trunk of a car... but then a child's voice, and we see that dad is putting a large sized carnival-prize stuffed animal into the trunk.
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I'm pretty sure my 4-year-old thinks I'm murdering her when I brush her long hair, judging from her screams.

Other questionable-looking things I have done lately:

* Lit the fuse on a bomb....before throwing it (the smoke bomb) down a groundhog hole
* Removed the grisly entrails...of a turkey
* Viciously attacked bushes with sharp loppers
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You mention "poisoning someone's soup" as an example above. Could that be the mistaken interpretation of someone sneaking medicine into a child's soup because it tastes too awful to get them to take it straight?
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Or subbing low-sodium "salt" for regular salt, to watch dear old dad's blood pressure.
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