Collaborating at Work
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There are all types of ways to collaborate on files at work. Our school has the typical networked file share, but it seems that sort of thing is going the way of the dodo. We can't support something like Dropbox since our internet pipe is too small. And something like Google Docs only works for a subset of what we do. What sort of file sharing/collaborating/check in systems do you like? What could you see working for a business or school?
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Are you on 56k modems? I've never had any problems with Dropbox on a slowish network. Maybe the pay version offers better bandwidth management.
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There are approximately 8 bajillion online project management apps and programs and systems.

We need some more info:

1) What kind of speed are you talking about? And what kind of files - regular Word type documents? Databases?

2) What is it that you do? If google docs isn't enough, what else are you looking for? Messaging? To do lists? Contact management?
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Are you going to have access to a server to install any recommend program(s) on?
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FYI, Dropbox will sync over a LAN if it can. So yes everything will get uploaded to the cloud, which could take a while, but it won't download everything from the cloud to each computer if they are on the same network.
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You should use more words to describe what you want.
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