Time for Romance
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Looking for a reasonable fancy restaurant in Williamsburg/Greenpoint Brooklyn for a romantic dinner for 2 tonight. Any suggestions?
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hear good thing's about Allswell

Masten Lake was great, but it just closed.

Bad nabe for "reasonably fancy"
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Dressler. Yes. Hands down.
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Marlow and Sons




Peter Lugers?
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Gwynnett St, new, so amazing, great service.
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MyMoon on N 10th between Bedford and Driggs. I wouldn't call it fancy-fancy, and you won't spend your rent there, but I've always had a pleasant time there, and the food is good.
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St. Anselm. It's not fancy fancy but the ambiance is great the food is, oh gosh, maybe I'll just go there myself.
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If you like japanese, Zenkichi has excellent food, and dark little private booths that are super romantic.
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Zenkichi, Isa, and Anella are all wonderful suggestions. I'd also like to suggest Aurora.

For a different-ish experience, I want to recommend the brand-new Korean/French restaurant Bistro Petit. It's not . . . well, it's not pretty, and it's maybe an eight-seater (all counterspace), but the food is so out-of-this-world good that I didn't mind. I had my boyfriend take me there for my birthday, and what we missed in ambiance was made up for by the food (OMG kimchi bouillabaisse) and the geniality and personal attention of the staff. Plus we had to sit really, really close to each other, which was intimate in its own way.
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Isa is great, and I also like Sweetwater (tonight is GREAT for their little garden area). My Moon has a lovely patio.
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Five Leaves on Lorimer and Bedford.
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The atmosphere at Roebling Tea Room is very romantic and they have such beautiful decor...
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You ugys are fucking marvelous and I love you,.

All of the places people here recommended that I've been to I really liked: Five Leaves, Roebling Tea Room, Anella, Calyer, Marlowe & Sons, Diner. Always wanted to go to Peter Luger, but never had the chance to really do much advance planning. The rest are awesome suggestions that I can't wait to try. Thank you!
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