Different Users, Different Dates in MS Project 2007
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Using MS Project 2007: When my co-workers open Project files, they have different dates than when I open the same files. Why, and how do I correct it?

I am using MS Project 2007. I am the official schedule keeper, so my files are "correct" in that they reflect agreed-upon dates, deadlines, etc. I distribute the updated schedule as a PDF on a monthly basis. Although the PDF is the official schedule, sometimes co-workers will open an individual Project file from the shared server to check dates, but the dates they see are much later than mine.

Possibly helpful:

-We all use Windows 7

-My co-workers' dates all match each other; only mine are different.

-Tasks marked "complete" are the same for all of us.

-The discrpencies are there whether opening individual Project files, or a "master" project files with various inserted projects.

-Project Information (start and end dates; "scheduled from" start or end) match just fine.

-Coworkers' dates seem to all be later than mine (by months).

Any ideas? Does MS Project store some info outside the file itself, and this is causing the issue?
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Are you using a common calendar? I recall a similar issue when I actually went in and set a calendar to reflect days when the office was closed while others were using a default calendar where they only were NOT in the office on weekends and holidays. (Or maybe it was just weekends . . .)

Seems to me there's a way to force Project to use the calendar that you specify.
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Thanks MwL... looks like we are using the same calendar. I'll double-check all the related options.
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You might want to try some of the suggestions on this KB Article to see if any automatic calculations are the cause.

Also, it's probably a long shot, but how sync'd are the internal clocks on all the PCs viewing these documents? My only other guess is that perhaps there's a calculation that factors in the current date when scheduling the tasks..and that one of the PCs is set to the wrong date/time?
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I've run into this with other Office projects when one person is using a Mac and everyone else was on XP. Is the whole office on the same OS?
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All settings seem to be the same, and we are all on Windows 7 with the same version of Project 2007. (Very strict IT rules here.)

Although this doesn't resolve the question of why a file would be different on different machines, I got them to match by changing some test projects to "schedule from start date" instead of "schedule from finish date." Now they match on all machines.

(Rabbit trail: "Schedule from start" is indeed the preferred way to go anyway; I'm dealing with years-old projects that were created before my time as "schedule from finish date" for reasons that make no sense to me. This just gives me one more reason to change them.)
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