Good balance between monitor and office brightness?
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In a typical office setting, how bright should a computer monitor be compared to the ambient/overhead/room lighting? How would one measure this and is there some chart or some guidelines for a good balance/ratio?

Other details: Not doing colour-sensitive work. Very few windows so I don't think the outside light affects this too much.

This is somewhat related to my previous question.
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The app Flux addresses these issues.
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Seconding Flux. Unless you work in an environment where color accuracy is paramount (print proofing, color correction, etc.) I'm not sure there's a "proper" brightness other than what works for you.
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What? No. Flux has nothing to do with brightness.

F.lux fixes this: it makes the color of your computer's display adapt to the time of day, warm at night and like sunlight during the day.
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The unit of measure in this case is the nit or candela per square meter (cd/m^2). The linked article mentions a target of 120 cd/m^2, personally I like 100 cd/m^2. A monitor calibration puck like the Spyder is the most accurate measurement tool.

Modern monitors are capable of incredibly high torch modes and the brightness/contract settings shouldn't be anywhere near the top. The Dell 24" monitor on my desk is set to a brightness is 52 and a contract of 40.
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I run normal brightness with diffuse back lighting behind the monitors. My lighting is a fluorescent fixture behind my monitor, projecting onto the wall behind my monitors like an aura. This is best for reading comfort. I can turn on more lights if I want, or just the back lighting, and the monitor is always comfortable at the normal brightness. No fiddling with settings.
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