Looking for Canadian Adult Crisis Lines
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I am looking for online only web chat crisis lines for adult Canadians.

I can only seem to find online support for youth (25 and under). All other crisis line situations refer you to a telephone number. For various reasons a phone will not be able to be used for this. I'm specifically looking for sexual assault lines.

*Note: Not a crisis situation*
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RAINN has an online live chat system; I am in the U.S. and so can't tell if it works in Canada.
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RAINN works in Canada.

Pandys.org is also a good resource, though not for crisis. They have forums and a chat and people are online there most of the time and it's a cut above most online sites.
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The Scarborough Hospital Sexual Assault Care Centre has a nice online resource, but no chat function.
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Thanks. RAINN was tried last night but proved less than helpful.

Pandys.org is great.

I guess I am looking for a place where help can be found online as local resources can't be accessed due to privacy concerns and relationship to perpetrator.
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