In search of an awesome resort vacation destination...
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I'm looking for a particular sort of resort/hotel for an August vacation. Please help!

Should be:
  • in the continental USA
  • moderate temperatures in August
  • within an hour of a major airport
  • MUST have tennis; hiking, boating, other outdoor stuff a plus
  • pools and/or beaches
  • family-style accomodations preferred (about 8 people)
  • includes fun for all ages from 3 to 30 to 65
Specific resort, hotel or condo recommendations would be great. Thanks!!!
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Define 'moderate temperatures in August'. I'm pretty familiar with the Gulf Coast of FL, and could probably come up with a few places that meet your criteria, but some folks think that FL in August is hotter than forty hells.
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Yeah, I'm from the deep south and still think Florida in August is hotter than at least thirty-five hells.

I'd start your search somewhere in New England or on the Pacific coast, depending on where you live. Or maybe on Lake Michigan, if you live out that way? I have family in Charlevoix, MI, and it would surprise me if there wasn't something around there that fit your criteria.
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the Coronado in San Diego maybe?
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White Mountain Hotel in North Conway NH meets all of these except perhaps the airport. Some similar places in the Berkshires are about 90 minutes from Boston.
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1. Hotel Del Coronado, near San Diego. Distance from airport: 10 mins. August temps ~75-80. Includes tennis, pools, beachfront property, and family-style accommodations.

2. La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club. 30 mins. from airport. 75-80 August temps. Surprisingly enough, includes beaches and tennis. Don't know about family accommodations

3. Any number of other resort hotels on Mission Bay in San Diego, although I'm not sure about tennis or family accommodations.

4. Depends on if you call Santa Barbara's airport "major", but Fess Parker's Doubletree Resort. Yes, that Fess Parker. They don't seem to have multiple accommodation rooms.

5. Not so close to an airport, but Northstar at Tahoe.
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Newport, RI is about 30 mins from TF Green airport in Providence and hour or so from Boston's Logan airport.
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Lake Lawn Resort might fit your needs. It's about an hour from the Milwaukee airport and about an hour and 40 minutes from O'Hare. There are tennis courts, an indoor and outdoor pool, and it's right on Lake Delavan - so you can rent boats if you like. It's a very family-oriented resort - check out the loft rooms. (My sister and I used to love sleeping upstairs in the loft) My family has been going there since I can remember, and we love it.

I've also heard good things about Grand Geneva in Lake Geneva, though I've never stayed there.
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Thanks for the suggestions, please keep them coming! We got married just last year in san diego, otherwise the del/la jolla would be great. We've been to squaw valley (tahoe) and enjoyed it; the other places we already looked are seattle and SF/wine country, which were shot down as potentially not kid friendly. Anywhere else we should try?
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California wine country has lots of kid friendly stuff as well as great general purpose outdoor stuff. How about a place like this which not only has all the resort amenities, but isn't far from Safari West?
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