Adventurous couple looking for (guided) fun in Los Angeles Monday and Tuesday (under $100)
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Adventurous couple looking for (guided) fun w/in 1 hour of Los Angeles on Monday and Tuesday

Visiting from the east coast. Anything from paddleboarding to cheese-making. What can we do together for under $100?

We'll have a rental car.
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I'm not sure if this fits what you're looking for, but on Tuesdays there is a group of people who meet at 6:30 at the Silver Lake Tomato Pie (Hyperion at Tracy) to walk the public stairways in that neighborhood. It's a set route that takes ~90 minutes. And then optional pizza at the end.
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If you like to bike, call Danny at Bikes and Hikes. Looks like a bike hike through Hollywood Hills would fit your budget.
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mandymanwasregistered: we'll just miss it on our plane out :(

effigy: Oddly, my partner does not know how to ride a bike... good suggestion, though.

In light of new information I got today, I'll ask a new question (and hope someone will catch it)...
Is it the right weather for paddle-boarding, and can I get someone to teach us?
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Yes, you can paddleboard. I'm not sure about lessons, but you don't need lessons - it's not really that technical. There are at least two places in Marina del Rey that rent paddleboards. One (I sometimes rent kayaks) is This Place. For your budget you could rent a couple of paddleboards for a couple of hours. Also there are people that rent paddleboards over by Mother's Beach in the marina; don't know how much they charge, but I used to see their boards spread out all over the beach.

The weather will be a tad chilly for paddleboarding, if you fall in. Water's cold - maybe like 58 or so . . . today I would have wanted a wetsuit. But if you hit a warm day like Sunday was, you would be fine in a bathing suit.

Also here you could take a surfing lesson . . . they're in Santa Monica but you want to book in advance since you want a weekeday slot. Just google. Can't remember prices.

If you want the California experience, head down to Venice (I know, cheesy tourist destination). Park the car, rent bikes or roller blades, and head on up the boardwalk (it's paved, and nice and smooth) past Santa Monica to where the boardwalk ends at Sunset Boulevard. Should be pretty deserted on a weekday, and if you get nice weather, there's nothing better. I think it's about 6 miles each way, but you can stop and turn around wherever you want.
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