What celeb blog pays $ for video?
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I have lucky cell phone video of a celeb musical performance. I contacted TMZ and they immediately replied and asked to view one of the clips, then asked for the others. I'm waiting to hear back. Who else should I contact that's willing to pay for this (nothing scandalous)?

So far I've contacted RadarOnline, TMZ, and PerezHilton.com.

Any other suggestions?
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I'm pretty sure once one website posts it, the others won't pay you anything.
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(I think the OP is garnering bids before sending out the actual video.)
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Response by poster: griphus is correct :)
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Those are the three big spenders for that kind of stuff--I can't imagine you'd get a better offer, unless there was some sort of niche appeal. (Like if they were English, the Daily Mail might pay more, especially because, hey, exchange rate.)

Rolling Stone might pay you--as a videographer, instead of paying as a "source." But also likely not, if it would mess up their relationship with the artist and label.
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X17? Celebuzz? JustJared?
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