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I am single, rent, and payed AMT for 2011. If I owned my own home and had a mortgage, would I have been able to deduct the interest, or is the fact that I payed AMT a sign that no further deductions were available to me? I have few deductions but itemize because my state tax alone is more than the standard deduction. You are not now, and will never be, my accountant.
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IANA, but the fact that you're triggering AMT, in my experience, means that your mortgage-interest deduction would have been discounted or eliminated.
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Yes, it's deductible (up to a certain amount, assuming you're actually using the loan to pay for your house) with the AMT. NY Times reference here, turbotax reference here: "Line 4: Home Equity Interest: Home mortgage interest claimed as an itemized deduction is only deductible for the AMT if the loan was used to buy, build or improve your home."
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yes you would still be able to deduct your mortgage but you can't deduct property taxes

(its deducting your state taxes that make you hit the AMT - I get hit as well and have similar circumstances to you, but take the standard deduction and it just ends up being = to the tax advantage of my qualified dividends)
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I think that it is odd that you're paying AMT if you have few deductions. I assume that you're in a very high tax state, but am still surprised.

This New York Times link suggests that you can still deduct the mortgage interest, but not the property taxes. I am sure that you can find the applicable IRS booklet or call the IRS - they are very helpful about that sort of thing in general.
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Thanks, everyone.
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