Who are you supposed to be?
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Planning to go to an anime convention in a month and I need inspiration for cosplay.

My first con in...a very long time. I've loved poring over pictures of cosplay from various cons over the past few years and think I'm ready to dress up myself. I'd love to go as Hell Girl but I don't have enough time to acquire or sew a uniform and accessories.

I'd really like to wear something that's fairly simple but clever, and ideally not something that 30 other girls will be wearing.

So imaginative mefites, ideas? Limitations: I'm fat, no skin-tight or revealing costumes. I wear glasses but can swap out contacts. Prefer something that will be easy to walk around in. Doesn't have to be anime - could be movie, cartoon, game, etc. Silly is good - my favorite cosplay recently was the Yup Yup Aliens from Sesame Street.
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Lain in her bear suit.
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Milly from Trigun is an easy, comfy, and recognizable cosplay -- you can do it with off-the-shelf clothes and then make her giant gun out of foam.
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Link? I'd imagine with just the green shirt + belt and some kind of leggings (or colored pants, really) you'd be pretty recognizable. And a play shield or sword, maybe? You could always argue that you're a heretofore unheard of incarnation of the Hero.
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In the "etc." category, how about Angelina Jolie at the Oscars?

Long dark hair/wig, major fake eyelashes, big costume jewelry earrings, pout, and a comfy floor-length black dress (or black top and long skirt) onto which you attach a single pantyhose leg filled with cotton batting so it's always hanging out off your right side. You can get super-fancy and put a sock/shoe on it with a red bright sole and call it her Louboutin.
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The problem with going as Millie from Trigun is that she's goddamn tall. If you're really going to sell it you're going to have to go around in elevator shoes.

Howsa bout R. Dorothy from Big-O?
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Best answer: Go as Maru - then all you need at minimum is some cat ears, a tail, black/grey striped pyjamas, cat face paint... and a box.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the ideas! Some good things to think about.
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