Credit Card Comparison that isn't Spam
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I need a new credit card, but every website that rate/compares them looks like spam bait. Any suggestions?

I have browsed through the major players to do a balance transfer, but I'd like to compare and virtually every Google search for what I'm looking for is filled with spam. Any non-biased comparison shopping?
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bankrate? I haven't used the credit card comparing part, but got it recommended to me for savings-type rate comparison and have been happy with it.
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I've liked the FatWallet credit card threads, though they are long-running and can have some out-of-date information.
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My go to place for credit card comparisons is this Fatwallet thread. The main thread is about which rewards cards have the best rewards, but there is also a link to this other thread that is about which ones are the best for balance transfers.
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Credit Karma gave me some suggestions when I was looking, I took one, it's worked out fine for me. They will want to pull (soft inquiry) your credit information though.
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Seconding Bankrate.
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The personal finance blog Get Rich Slowly has a credit card comparison section.
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I kinda like NerdWallet these days — and at least it's a lot faster than delving into the morass of the FatWallet finance forums, however informative they undoubtedly are.
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If you're a veteran, or son or daughter of one, get a USAA card.
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Try Clark Howard's web site.
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Thirding Bankrate.

FWIW, I'm pretty happy with my Capital One card:
1. It is 0% on foreign transactions. (If you travel a lot this makes a difference.)
2. It offers cashback.
3. You can put a photo of my cat on it.
Not sure what they offer for balance transfers.
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Consider getting a card from Working Assets / CREDO ; the website will explain in 10 seconds why you might want to go with them.

I've had their card for something like 20 years now and they're great. It's especially nice to be onboard with them when the latest venal action by AT+T / Citicorp / Bank Of America gets splashed across the news.
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Just know that most, if not all sites (including Bankrate which I consider "reputable") have some form of monetization through affiliate programs. This means if you click a link on their site, you get a cookie on your machine, and if you sign-up from the credit card company site afterwards, they get a "finders fee" payment.

Now, that is pretty normal, but I will say that it does mean they have a vested financial interest in getting you to select one, so just keep that in mind.
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Response by poster: Just as FYI, I ended up applying/getting for a Capitol One with 0% APR until June 2013.
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