Need help subscribing to podcast in Android
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I feel like this is the dumbest question ever, but -- how the heck do I subscribe to the Men In Blazers podcast on my Android phone? I've got Google Listen installed, just can't for the life of me figure out how to add it. It's here in iTunes if that helps.

I tried using Feed Flipper, but still no luck getting just the Men In Blazers podcast.

I don't use iTunes at all. I would prefer to stick with (the free) Google Listen, but I guess this isn't as essential, if there's no way to do it in there.

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Best answer: Try pasting this URL into your subscription feed field:
posted by yoyoceramic at 11:00 AM on March 7, 2012

Response by poster: Looks like that gets me all of the Grantland podcasts; a huge step up from the nothing I was stuck at before, thanks. Ideally I'd just want the Men In Blazers stuff, but this is a lot better than before.
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My process is: 1) Subscribe to podcast in iTunes. 2) Right click the podcast feed in iTunes and click "Copy Podcast URL" 3) Put that URL under "Add a Subscription" in Google Listen. It's never not worked for me.
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Your link "here in iTunes" goes to the entire Grantland Network feed on that iTunes page, so that doesn't help (and seldomfun's method might not work either as a result).
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Best answer: OK, I made a little Yahoo Pipe filter of the feed you linked. See if this works. (Yahoo Pipes in general is pretty useful in manipulating feeds of all sorts).
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Oh, I messed it up. I suck. You can disregard all my responses.
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Response by poster: Yahoo Pipes was a fantastic idea; I think I have it working. (And looking at yours, it seems like that should work, too.)

Thanks everyone!
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Response by poster: (By the way -- the pipe I set up seems identical to bluefly's above. The only trick is instead of the link above, use the rss version.)
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