Dogs on the I-5
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Traveling from Seattle to Southern California with three dogs... looking for places along the road where we can stop and play!

I am going to be driving with three pretty well-behaved dogs; my own and two puppies I am delivering to their new home in SoCal. I've done this before but never with dogs, so I'm looking for rest stops, parks, hotels, etc along the way (I-5) that are good places for dogs... off-leash parks not too far from the freeway would be ideal, but on-leash areas are OK, especially if they are large and/or pretty (instead of a token bit of dead grass).

I am getting a couple of guide books on travels with pets from AAA etc but if anyone can suggest a particular place that's worth a stop, I'd love to hear it!
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In Eugene, there are a few large dog parks. The largest, and closest to the freeway is my Autzen Stadium, here.

(Looks like this site might be generally useful to you.)
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Ft. Funston in San Francisco along Pacific Coast Highway.
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Check out Mercey Hot Springs. It's halfway between Sacramento and Los Angeles, west of 5. It's a wide open space with lodging, camping and spring to boot.

Also Oak Park near Stockton. Right off the freeway.

Have fun!
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Kimpton Hotels are pet friendly: "Any number of pets are welcome regardless of size, weight, kind, or breed."
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Here are the dog parks in Davis.
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Toad Hollow in particular is right next to I-80.
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Have fun on your trip!

When you get to the Bay Area, you can stop at Pt. Isabel Dog Park which is right off the freeway in Richmond. There's acres and acres to roam, it's right by the bay with a terrific view of the SF & the Golden Gate & plenty of friendly dogs. This would be my choice for a good romp after a long car ride. There's a cafe for snacks & coffee and a place called Mudpuppy's where you can get the dogs washed or wash them yourself.

The address for your GPS is 2701 Isabel St, Richmond. Go all the way around the Costco and keep going until you get to the parking lot.

The DogFriendly.Com site has a huge lists of hotels in California that accept dogs (always call to be sure, though).
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Anonymous because the dogs read MeFi and you want to keep it a surprise for them?
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I've used Memorial Park in Wilsonville (1/2 hour S. of Portland) as a great dog rest stop- nice, large, off leash park.

The Autzen dog park danf mentions is great.
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If you want to go (way) out of your way, and want a bit of history, then Duboce Park in San Francisco is also a good one.

Back in the day, all the way back to Harvey Milk and possibly beyond, this was known as "Dog Shit Park." They have decriminalized the presence of dogs recently.
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Another possibility that may be too far out of the way is Upper Bidwell Park (3000 acres, give or take) in Chico. The whole park is dog-friendly, and about 90% of it is off-leash.
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