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Good free sources of interesting/arty high-res images?

Just moved house and keen to have some interesting images to decorate the walls.

Looking for a good free (or low-cost) source of high-res images.

I know Flickr has some great stuff but you have to wade through countless pages to find it.

I like the images flagged up on sites such as but they're not high-res enough to be used big.

Any leads gratefully accepted!
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Interfacelift is a background site, but has excellent content and lets you filter by resolution.
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THis site has lots of strange ephemera and cool vintage illustrations at 300 res: 50 Watts.
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Recently did a bit of this. Try: Shorpy (old B&W photos exclusively) and the Library of Congress (old photos, artwork, posters, newer stuff, frequently at VERY high resolutions). I printed out a bunch of posters going up to 24x36.

Some examples I used:
NYC (the one on the right -- the one on the left is a poster from
The "See America" series @ L.O.C.: #1 #2 #3.

These are all available as TIFFs going up to 50-150 MB. A little cropping and color-fixing and they were good to go to the printers. There are other non-American ones too.
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Response by poster: Some wonderful suggestions, folks. Thanks very much for taking the time to help me out.

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