We need a tax accountant in the city of Chicago.
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We need a tax accountant in the city of Chicago. Recommendations? Referrals?

Recently married. Two houses/two mortgages (one primary residence, one not). Two incomes: one of us is self-employed as a contractor for various government contractors; the other is employed full-time by a non-profit. Combined income is under $200k, but one of us (and only one) has significant student loan debt that is (and really needs to remain in) Income Based Repayment. We believe this means "married filing separately" is our best/only option, but we'd like to deploy a professional to be sure.

Insignificant charitable contributions, retirement contributions under the caps. (We'd like advice, too, on that retirement contributions thing, but do tax accountants handle that?)

The business has its own accountant who is not really appropriate for the personal tax filing. We believe we're in a fine position to file extensions and file late as necessary to get things sorted, so immediate availability is less important than your personal recommendations for someone good to work with.
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I personally have used David Turrentine for the last two years when life got complicated and have been pleased. He's an Enrolled Agent, if that matters to you.
He's got his worksheets online, if you want to see the sorts of info he'll ask you to supply.
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My wife is a tax accountant/CPA/Attorney in Chicago. Drop me a memail if you would like her digits.
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