Who Can Supply Compost Worms in the Bay Area For Pick-Up?
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I have a vermicomposter ready to go but I need worms! Red wrigglers (Eisenia foetida) to be precise - a pound or two. The local worm vendors I found online haven't called me back and I'd rather get these locally instead of through the mail. What's a good local source for worms?

East Bay Preferred! Ace and OSH seem to be out until "in season".
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Craigslist farm & garden section.
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You might also check and see if your local high schools have a 4H or similar. They would be in touch with the farmy/earthy community as well.
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I'm not sure when the "season" is, but I bought some at an Ace Hardware in Napa this time last year. Because I'm a slob, I still have the carton. The vendor was organiccontrol.com. They have the red wigglers available on their website (but they're about $10 more than what I paid for them at Ace). Maybe ask Ace if they can special order them?
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You might have some luck asking around at a farmers' market, if there are farmers' markets near you this time of year. If you were closer I'd give you some of mine... they're eating me out of house and home!

Just kidding guys! More carrot peels tomorrow, I promise!
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Bait store?
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Have you tried the Worm Dude in San Jose? I found a link on this page.
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I don't know about out there, but here you can buy worms in the 'sporting goods' department at Walmart.
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Passed a bait shop on Highway 1 on our way to Half Moon Bay this weekend. I think it was in Pacifica, first or second exit. A bit of a drive, but a pretty one.
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Best answer: Craigslist has a number of options

I got worms by posting a worms wanted ad in the garden section of CL.
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Response by poster: Thanks! I've used CL since the 1990s but for some reason just didn't think about checking a gardening section there!
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Response by poster: I ordered them from here:


They have local pickup as well as delivery options.
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