Will you share your Google Product-fu with me?
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I'm working on a demo for a potential software product. The content of the product will be a combination of slides, still images, video, and voice over, delivered via a web site (mobile will follow if the product goes to full production).

We have decided that the subject matter for the first/demo content will be "Google Products."
Can you give me some useful tips that you use or have discovered to enhance your use of a particular Google Product (e.g. Gmail, G+, Google Search/Image Search, etc.).
The product should be one offered by Google itself, NOT a third-party extension or application.
We're also not particularly looking for tips about Google Chrome, as we're aiming for people who use many means to access the Google platform.

I'm sorry, but I cannot elaborate more on the product, as we're under NDA. I'm just looking for some content to sling into our first demo module.
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You mean like, that in google reader you can use the space bar to collapse the current post, move focus to the new one, and expand it?
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Thank you, Night Owl, that kind of thing is relevant and valuable, yes...

We're also looking for the tips and tricks that you've found to help you get the most out the products.

Here's one to keep the ball rolling (not my idea, I learned it from another G+ user):

As a Google + user, you might like to "bookmark" someone's posting for you to come back to later for perusal, but you'd like to keep it in G+, where you can access it from anywhere.

Create a Circle called "Saved" (or something similar), but attach no G+ users to that circle. When you find those postings you want to keep for later, simply share the posting with "Saved" (you may, of course, share with any other circles, or even all your circles, if you want to share the post fully).
When you're ready to retrieve those saved postings, select the "Saved" stream from the left sidebar, and all of the postings you've "Saved" will be shown there.
When you're done with the posting, simply delete it.

I'm also very keen to collect tips for Google Searches - ways to enhance, improve, or pre-filter your results by means of typographic marks in the search query.

Anybody else?
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