What movie am I remembering?
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What movie am I thinking of? Mid-90's, son is suspected of killing his girlfriend, father tries to cover it up

I remember seeing this movie sometime around 1995-1998 on VHS, but I can't remember any details other than the following:

-Movie begins with husband + wife/family notified by friends (or authorities, can't remember) that his teenage son's girlfriend has been murdered. Son is the primary suspect, and in the first 20 minutes of the movie the father is seen burning/destroying evidence that could possibly implicate his son
-In the end, son reveals to father that he was responsible for death of GF, but only accidentally: after having an argument outside, she trips and falls on a sharp object face down. We see clips of her face down in the snow with blood trickling from her face. This is one of the few images I remember from the movie (probably because I fell asleep and woke up towards the end)

For some reason, the sparse details I remember from the film have popped into my head in recent years. I've searched in vain to find more info but can't locate anything. Please let me know if you have any suggestions or leads!
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Pretty sure it's Before and After.
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That's it! Thanks danceswithlight
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