I need some stats on teaching methods, stat.
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I need help finding statistics on the effectiveness of various teaching methods.

I have read and heard over the years that people in a lecture will only retain and implement, say, 10 percent of what is presented to them, whereas if the same information is presented in a coaching-type format, the retention and likelihood of implementation goes up. I need some stats on this for a presentation I'm making on small-group knowledge transfer, but I'm at a loss for what I should be looking for. My feeble attempts at googling have turned up nothing. Can someone point me to some sources? Thanks.
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Unfortunately I'm pretty sure that statistic is apocryphal. Try starting here at the federal Institute for Education Sciences What Works Clearinghouse.
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Have you looked at John Hattie's work?
Visible Learning is good, but his new one Visible Learning for Teachers is simpler.
There's also Geoff Petty's "Evidence-based Teaching".
Both of these will show up on Youtube if you want to get a sense of what they're talking about.

is an example of John Hattie talking about successful methods.

Memail if you'd like to.
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