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Are there moisturizers similar to Clinique's Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion, but with sunscreen?

I love this and have never used anything else on my face, but I realize I probably need to suck it up and use something with sunscreen every day. Caveat: I am seriously squicked out by any kind of scented product, even often by the scent of 'unscented' products - and also by the texture of sunscreen (the generic white, creamy stuff).

I really have no idea why this product doesn't already include sunscreen - but is there anything similar in texture/unscentedness/moisturizing power that does? (Alternatively - is there a *truly* invisible-feeling daily sunscreen WITHOUT moisturizer that I could use under/over my beloved Clinique?)
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I switched from Clinique to Laura Mercier.

It's more expensive, but I find that I use very little. I have super sensitive skin, and like you am very bothered by scent. I love this stuff. Find it in a store to see if you like it.

I also use Laura's tinted moisturizer as a foundation, and it has SPF. So you could use something like that over the Clinique.
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I had the same problem! I spoke with the woman at my local Clinique counter about it, and she suggested this moisturizer, Even Better Skin Tone Correcting Moisturizer, which I now love. Even though I don't necessarily really need skin tone correcting. It is a slightly 'thicker' cream, but I have found it to be equally scentless, and it gives SPF 20.

I, like dpx.mfx, actually also use Laura Mercier's tinted moisturizer as foundation, but I definitely need a real moisturizer underneath it - I've never tried the moisturizer itself though.
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I used to use that same Clinique lotion! I switched to Neutrogena's Oil-Free Moisture, it's SPF-15 and has no scent (I'm not particularly sensitive to scent, and I haven't noticed any).
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This stuff is perfect under any moisturizer. It's not greasy, soaks in immediately, doesn't smell like sunscreen. It's the best.
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Seconding dpx.mfx's recommendation - I adore Laura Mercier's tinted moisturizer. It has a fairly sheer tint to it - it moisturizes my dry skin, and gives me just the slightest bit of complexion evenness. It's very creamy, very light, and not thick like concealer at all. It has SPF 20 in it. If you're looking for something at night, it's probably not a good idea, but it's a great moisturizer with some "oomf" for daytime.
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I have to use something under the tinted moisturizer as well - I think it could easily go over the clinique, and then you could keep using the clinique at night with no SPF (because, obviously, bedtime, no need for SPF). I use Laura Mercier's because it's the only one light enough to match my tone. A tube lasts me a really long time.
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Sisley All Day All Year. It's insanely expensive and amazing.
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I'm on a Sisley kick now too, but I am notoriously fickle about moisturizer. Others I've loved and left: Clarins Hydra-quench and Caudalie VinoPerfect.
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This is an excellent question!! And if it did have sunscreen in it, I might actually look 5 years younger! I asked at Sephora and they showed me that there is a Clinique man's version which is exactly the same but with sunscreen in it. Unfair!

I started just using tinted foundation with spf from Clinique and am hoping that is enough.
(Although it is obviously not!)

Am going to read rest of answers now and write down product names. Thanks for asking this.
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I asked at Sephora and they showed me that there is a Clinique man's version which is exactly the same but with sunscreen in it. Unfair!

Why not just use the men's version?
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Nthing the recommendation for Laura Mercier's tinted moisturizer. I wear it as both moisturizer and foundation most days. It looks a little thick coming out of the tube, but goes on very light. If you need something even thinner/lighter, Aveda's got a great SPF moisturizer, available in sheer or tinted. Neither have a smell that I've noticed.
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For truly invisible sunscreen, check out some Japanese brands. The skin care board on MakeupAlley can give you some recs. Sunscreen is far more widely used in Japan and the products are accordingly much better. It comes in watery, mousse, jelly, and other forms.

If that sounds like too much to handle, I quite like Neutrogena Dry Touch.
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Response by poster: Thanks, everyone, for all the excellent suggestions. This gives me a great list to start with on my quest!
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