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Help me find a shed for my narrow DC yard.

I neeeeeed a man cave, but I'm not having much luck finding one to suit. I'm handy, and could build it from scratch, and I know folks who could custom build me one, but I'd really rather not go through that trouble. I'd prefer a kit, but could afford something built on-site (or delivered fully built).

High ceilings, big door, secure, sturdy, all that, sure, but the biggest limitation is that it can't be more than 6 or 7 feet deep--8 feet simply won't work. I'd like it as wide as possible, up to 15 feet or so.

Wood construction is a must, contemporary style preferred. Let's say a budget of $5000.
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I found these 6' x 12' sheds (my search terms were "wooden garage kit" - that's a big shed!)
posted by exogenous at 2:49 PM on March 5, 2012

Same site, different design: Dune. 6ft. x 16ft.
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Damn you, MonkeyToes. I can get that in a 7 x 15 for roughly twice what I wanted to spend. Tempting.
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At the risk of playing devil's advocate, $5k will get you an awful lot of custom-built shed, of better quality and better built for your site (eg sized to exact half inch allowed on your narrow lot), than you will get in a kit. I guess I'd question what's the bigger pain in the ass -- dealing with a contractor for a few days, or spending the next ten years grumbling that the shed could have been built six inches wider, could have had a better window, and could have had a door that opened in the right direction?
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Forktine, my wife and I are thinking that over. The shed that MonkeyToes points to is just about perfect, but not quite, and I do know a guy who's offered to build me one and totally rehab my yard for what that one costs. I've seen his work in other folks' yard, so I know he can do a good job.

Why can't you all find me an easy answer? The perfect shed for cheap!
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