Can Americans rent motorcycles in England?
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I am an American taking a trip to London in late March, and I want to rent a motorcycle to use for a day of riding enjoyment. Is this allowed by English law, and if so where can I look to rent a bike?

I'm going with my wife to London at the end of March for a week long vacation. When we originally talked about the trip plan, we had an idea to spend a day apart doing the things we love that don't really interest the other person. For me, this is riding a motorcycle.

That said, I'm unsure if I am even able to rent a motorcycle without an English motorcycle license endorsement. Is this something that is allowed by English law? If so, does anyone have a recommendation for where I might start to find a good rental location in or nearby London?

Thanks for your help!
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Do you have a motorcycle endorsement for your US (I'm assuming) license?
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Response by poster: Yes, I do have an American motorcycle endorsement (sorry forgot to add that information to OP)
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Raceways asks for a passport as additional proof of identity. About Town is another London bike hire place that mentions customers in town from overseas. Can't vouch for either, but clearly they exist, and they'll know the legal specifics.

('Hire' instead of 'rent' will get you better UK links.)
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From a licensing point of view, no problem at all (link to government website). I can't speak to where to hire from.
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Do keep in mind that this is a very small crowded island.

Consider where you want to ride to/around, I'd suggest avoiding central London unless you like close encounters with buses and taxis.
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Do be aware that helmets are mandatory in the UK.
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Have you looked up rental places around London? If you find any (and I don't drive so I can';t help you here - I've only rented vans with friends) they should tell you what you need. Be prepared to have a credit card available to leave a deposit.

I live relatively near Ace Cafe, which is big with biker types - that would be a good stop on your visit and avoids central London nicely.
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