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I'm looking for a way to generate bike "cue sheets".

Currently I'm doing this by hand, either with a hard copy of map, or using Mapquest and a ruler. Not very exact, but close. It also takes a looong time. I'm hoping there's some kind of software (preferably on-line) that would 1) be more accurate, and 2) allow for semi-interactive "tweeking". Meaning I could, say, change a "leg" of the route without having to re-calculate all subsequent points. I don't necessarily need special software to print - MS Word seems to do that fine. Just creation and modification/tweeking. I hope I'm getting my meaning across. is nice, but it's more of a clearing house of existing routes. (Plus, I just checked it recently, and seems to be having problems.)

A search resulted in this AskMe thread which came close to the question, but still not quite on the nose. Thanks!
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Ride the route with a small dictaphone type tape recorder and call out the mileage at the key points. It is the most accurate way as you are taking the line that most cyclists will take through the route. My dictaphone has a voice activated setting so it will pause except when I speak into it, avoiding the hassle of playing with the buttons, although these are now all too familiar as I use it every day at work. You still have a little hassle with pulling it out of your jersey pocket at way points. Just wear one with big, easy to access pockets.
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Response by poster: I've thought about that, or even driving it. But, I suppose I should have clarified - I'm not looking for the most accurate, but the easiest/quickest to generate the route. While still allowing for "maintenance" - taking an existing route, tweeking it, and coming up with a new route (that can then be saved).

If I were designing it, I'd have an interface with two windows; a map window that would allow for clicking on specific points, and the turns, street names and mileage would be added in a separate window as you go.

I'm trying to make routes for our little "club". The last time I tried, it took me a lunch hour to make one 30-mile route. Ugh. There must be an easier way...
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Best answer: Gmaps Pedometer might work for you.
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In the past, I've used a dictation recorder clamped to my handlebars, and then typed it up at home. Laborious.

There's a product called the bike brain that kinda-sorta automates this, but it really only works when everyone has one.

I've seen this program that runs on GPS-enabled WinCE devices. Seems like it should be just about ideal.

And I also recently found the amazing Google Maps pedometer. This will not generate a cue sheet (though I can imagine with some more hacking, it would), but I thought I'd mention it anyhow.
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I asked a similar question on AxMe a long while back and have been using MS Streets and Trips with much success. It will allow you to tweak generated routes and print out cue sheets.

You can usually pick it up on sale at Office Max/Office Depot/etc for $30-40. It's been money well spent for me while making century route sheets.
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Wow! That gmaps pedometer really is amazing. Thanks bwilms and adamrice.
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Response by poster: That Google Maps Pedometer is pretty cool. Not exactly what I was looking for, but an excellent start. I will give the guy some feedback - maybe he'll add the features I'm looking for.

Also, another cyclist friend recommended Streets & Trips. I'll check it out. Thanks, all!
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