In search of clever shelf hardware
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Clever hardware for making shelves quickly and easily -- where can I find more?

A friend has some really spiffy shelf hardware for putting together attractive shelves quickly and easily using just boards, these brackety things, brads, and a hammer. I'd love to get some for myself, but the friend bought them in an unmarked bag at a yard sale. Have you ever seen something quite like this? Do you know where I could buy more?

Here are a few pictures. As you can see, there are two kinds of pieces: a t-shaped item for middle shelves, and a truncated piece for the corners. Ideally I'd really like to find exactly these brackets (or whatever they should be called) but for all I know they were last made in 1972, so I'd also very much appreciate leads on other hardware that works the same way.
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Maybe these would be similar.

I haven't used them before, but I happened across them once when I was looking for garage shelving solutions.
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Indie Furniture.

via BLTD.
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Rockler has these brackets which slip over 1x10 boards. Simpson makes rigid tie connectors in a huge variety of shapes for 2x or larger lumber, which is probably bigger than you need for a bookshelf. It looks like what you're really looking for is somewhere between the two, but I hope this points you in a helpful direction.
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