Good WFH jobs for someone with CFS-like health condition?
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Good WFH jobs for someone with a health condition similar to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

I'm 29 and I have a debilitating health condition similar to CFS. I've been able to support myself for the past three years by working part-time from home for my old employer (where I worked full time before I got sick). However, I mostly live paycheck to paycheck, I'd really like to be able to earn more and have some significant savings, but working more is not really an option.

The job I currently have is not highly skilled, it's a mix of data entry and light copy editing and I make about $20,000 after taxes working 20-30 hours a week.

I was wondering if there were jobs/careers I could pursue that pay more that I could do part-time from home? I'd be happy to go back to school (I currently have a BA and could do one class at a time), or train over a period of years. I could push myself for meetings with clients from time to time if that was part of this new work. In a similar previous question the answers referenced independent consulting - but I don't know what fields that would be in or how you go about doing that? I was hoping for something with some stability as well, though I know I can't be picky.

Thank you very much for your help!
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I just read an article about this firm employing amateur researchers who work from home. Not sure if it fits the "stability" part, but it actually sounded fun (and flexible) to me.
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You might be able to tutor online? Offer student paper editing help/advice? Not sure what your BA is in, or how you might choose to market such a service without meeting clients. But I think it could be done.
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Response by poster: I have a BA in history, I previously interned at a weekly and a magazine before getting my current job, which is at an online science journal.
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