Mystery Fruit
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What fruit is this? Bought it at a produce market in Taipei a few days ago and I was told to wait five days before eating it.
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Looks like a small papaya. How thin would you say the rind was?
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Misshapen guava? Are you sure it's a fruit, could be some sort of squash?
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Looks like a small papaya to me too.
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Cut it open.

If it's orangish-yellow throughout, with dark seeds, papaya.

Guava have reddish flesh, and smaller seeds.
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My guess is the "5 days" comment was a warning about ripeness. If someone bought a green banana from me, and had never seen one before, I might say the same.
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If that's 5 days away from being ripe, it's probably not a papaya. A papaya that had reached that nice pretty yellow color would be ready to eat.
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It looks like a Prickly Pear fruit to me, but I could very well be wrong.
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The texture, color and shape make me think papaya as well.
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Yeah, I'd go w/ papaya, too. And if 5 days from ripe at the market was a few days back, that looks about right. (If it were cactus fruit of any sort it would have bumps or flaps where the spines grow.) Eat it!

Or, you could give it a sniff. Other folks will probably describe it better, but to me guava smells sorta lemony-strawberry like. Ripe papaya smells... well, I don't like it ripe b/c it smells to me like a combination of vomit & pineapple juice [sorry, I know that's off-putting, but hopefully descriptive], but even before that stage its fragrance is nectary-sweet.
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Best answer: hmmm. . . maybe a canistel?
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Best answer: 仙桃 xiantao in Chinese (literally "fairy peaches")
They are sometimes called eggfruit in English (yellow inside & outside)

Taiwan article:

Google machine translation of above:

Google machine translation ofChina article:
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In Taiwan, guavas are green and papayas (even small ones) are much bigger and not so pointy
I have an eggfruit in my room waiting to be eaten (exactly like the one in the Dropbox photo)
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Response by poster: It smelled fragrant and was soft, so I decided to take a chance and open it up. Here is the photo of the inside.

It's definitely NOT a papaya or guava. It's texture and taste is... kind of like a cooked sweet potato?

Looking at photos online, it looks like it is indeed a canistel or eggfruit.
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