How to find guest laundry in hotels?
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Is there a search engine for guest laundry or coin op laundry in hotels?

I looked through, Travelocity and Expedia, but none seem to
allow a search for hotels with guest laundry or coin op laundry in the amenities checklist. I would like to wash just one suitcase of clothes instead of packing several. Does anyone know of a site?
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No but if you're looking within the continental United States, Google Maps should be able to help you with "nearby businesses" to your intended hotel's location - you may be able to find laundromats nearby.
posted by infini at 3:28 AM on March 5, 2012 and the rest don't normally show in-house laundromats because nearly every hotel will have one. They are a convenience and a money maker. Choose a hotel then call them to verify but I'd say 99% of decent hotels have guest laundry options.
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I agree, the best method is call and verify. Consider that hotel chain websites might copy n paste the amenities list between branches and it could be inaccurate. Most places have laundromat or service, so pick one you like and call.
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I am assuming from your question that you're seeking the cheaper alternative to simply giving it to a hotel's laundry service? I, personally, have not seen such in many hotels in teh US, and have travelled extensively for work.

When you call and verify you may wish to clarify whether you are seeking self service/coin operated or the hotel's laundry service (an entirely different thing altogether).
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Travelling in North America I have never had a problem finding hotels/motels that met my location and price requirements and then picking out the ones that had a guest laundry. It added only a couple more clicks to the process and I was never promised a guest laundry in the description that didn't exist.

Travelling elsewhere you may have more of a problem. Most non dump hotels seem to have a laundry service but this clearly is a lot more expensive than a coin operated guest laundry. And in some countries you would even struggle to find a public launderette because people all have access to laundry facilities in their home or at least their building...
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