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Peugeot tools - how do I price these?

I've been hanging on to some Peugeot-specific tools that came with my old Peugeot a few years ago, and it's finally time to let the whole bunch go. The problem is that I've never actually used the tools (they were used by the previous owner), and I have no mechanic experience so I have no idea how to post these for sale. Googling "peugeot tools" just leads to confusion because I don't even know what any of these are. Here is one picture and here are the manuals. Here is a close up of one of the boxes.

Also, what the best route to sell these? Craigslist? Ebay? I'm thinking of listing the car on ebay and saying local pickup only...could I do that with the tools, too? They're in metal boxes and weigh a ton.

(Note: if you're local and can help me price this, I'd be happy to share some homemade cake, or your favorite coffee beverage).
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Best answer: These should be sold on EbayMotors.

The boxes should have part numbers printed on the outside of the lids. Do they?

If not - you can (laboriously) paw through the manuals - they should have a description of the parts in one chapter.

Ah - in your close up there's a label by the handle.

Sell each of these tools as "Peugot tool, part number [instert number from label by box handle]"

You don't need to know what these are. The buyers will know.

As for value? Trying looking on Ebay FIRST with your part numbers as search terms and see. I have no clue.

Same for the manuals.

I'd bet you've got a few hundred dollars of parts there.
Good Luck!
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You can probably find some enthusiast forums where you can sell them. Rare cars like that usually have a cult following. (I assume you are in the US, where Peugeots are very hard to find.)
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Response by poster: Thank you so much! They do indeed have part numbers listed on the labels. I don't know why I didn't notice that before.
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Response by poster: Twblalock, thanks for suggesting the forums. I was able to get the information I needed between the labels and the manuals, but the forums were an excellent suggestion as well. I found a couple and enjoyed reading in them. Peugeots are awesome cars!
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