Veggie cooking classes in San Francisco
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I spent the past week sleuthing online for vegetarian cooking classes in San Francisco and don't have much to show for it. Help!

I'm using the website for the San Francisco Vegetarian Society as my main jumping off point. Turns out I just missed a class on vegetarian cooking at California Culinary Academy. Compassionate Cook seems a little too Suzanne Somers for my taste and I can't find any classes offered anyway. HomeChef is closed. No Sur La Table classes in SF. Tante Marie has a few fresh from the farmer's market courses which are vegetarian friendly. Millenium has a cooking class coming up in mid-March. I'm interested in general cooking techniques, knifework, sauteeing, roasting, sauces, stews, well.. everything, but in the context of a vegetarian diet. Most places seem limited to one occasional class. I want something more rigorous.

Does any organizations have full-on veggie friendly cooking courses in SF? Thanks!
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Millenium Restaurant holds cooking classes from time to time, including mid-March. It's not described in much detail, but it'd probably expose you to leads on other classes as well.
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It's over in Berkeley, but Kitchen on Fire in the Gourmet Ghetto has a bunch of vegetarian classes. I only took knife skills there, so I can't sleek to the food classes exactly.
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Kitchen on Fire is in Berkeley, but otherwise might have classes that meet your needs. Further afield is the CIA in St. Helena.
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