Chinese, please.
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Can you read Chinese? Help!

Can you tell me what this says?:

It's on the back of a folder of pictures that I picked up at an auction. Very curious what it says. Thanks!
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Response by poster: Sorry, forgot to make the link:

Chinese writing
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Best answer: It says:

[Top line. title] Peasant paintings from Hu County - it was a bit of thing in the high socialist era.

Then it's the publication details: Tianjin Art Press; distributed by the Tianjin Xinhua Bookstore; first printing, May 1975; serial number; and price, a princely one yuan!
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To be clear, the title is 'Peasant Paintings from Hu County'; rest of that guff with the link is me. Also forgot to mention it says where it was printed too, also Tianjin.
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Is it 1.00 won, or 100 won?
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"Is it 1.00 won, or 100 won?"

Neither, it's 1.00 yuan.
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As jiawen says, that's 1.00 yuan.

For the curious, Google Images returns a decent sampling of 户县农民富.
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Though one yuan would be getting on for a day's pay for most Chinese workers in 1975. Worth it to my mind, I really like the folk art style.
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