Where can I sell a Ouji board signed by the band Marilyn Manson from c.1999?
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Where can I sell a Ouji board signed by the band Marilyn Manson from c.1999? Bonus: how much is it worth?

The entire band signed it.
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Do you have any proof that they signed it?
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(Also, signatures aren't worth very much, unless they're rare, and Marilyn Manson signatures aren't rare).
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Proof, like a photograph? No, I don't have that.
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1. ebay
2. not much
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Try ebay but send an e-mail to any online goth or Marilyn Manson groups telling them what you're listing with the link to your auction. I had a friend who did this with a collectable and he thought it helped it sell.
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It's worth whatever someone will pay for it. I don't mean that to be glib, I mean that the best way for you to get a sense of its value is to look into what sort of prices are fetched for similar items.

Search eBay for Marilyn Manson, goth and industrial music, occult items, items signed by living musicians from the 1990s/2000s, and any other angle you can think of.
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It's easy to miss the option on the left to see completed listings of autographed MM items. You might have to sign in to view them. Since it's not official (or original) MM-memorabilia it's very hard to estimate what price it would fetch. The winning bids on auctions for same/similar items cover a wide range. If the people looking for MM-autographed-items one week think it's a cool and unique thing, the bidding could go quite high. If that's week's lot of viewers think "meh, I'd rather have a poster" it wouldn't.

It looks like there'll be a new album and American tour around May, so I'd suggest waiting to put it on eBay until then.
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Proof meaning something to verify that this was, in fact, Marilyn Manson who signed and not you. That would probably be a photograph of them signing the item, or a certificate of authenticity.

Less that, you're talking eBay, and whatever the market will bear. This is not a rare autograph.
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Also, if you're going to eBay something like this which is special (not just another poster or whatever) but also not (Ouija boards and MM's autograph are easy enough to come by), talk it up. Not just 'unique item, nothing else like it on eBay' but give it a backstory.

'I got to meet the band on [date] when they played [venue] supporting [album] because I [waited by the bus/won a radio contest]. MM said it was one of the cooler things he'd been asked to sign, then made a lewd comment to me and started hitting on my friend. [Guitarist] made a joke about snorting off it, and [drummer] asked me if I'd used it. I said no, but we tried the next night and then I hung it on the wall until my partner moved in last week and told me it gave them nightmares.'

When I've sold things like this (ie rather unusual but not exactly unique) and done this (given it a unique history) it's helped a lot to make it more desirable and valuable on eBay.
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