They're like pepperoni rolls, but better
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Does anyone have a tried and true recipe for the kind of pepperoni balls you get in Erie, PA?

I'm working in South Korea and long for the tastes of my hometown. While Smith's Hot Dogs are out of the questions, I thought it might be possible to recreate pepperoni balls. The only problem is that in my kitchen and toaster oven are tiny and baking supplies are relatively expensive. I've seen a couple of recipes online, but I was hoping for a more personal recommendation. Does anyone have a good recipe for the type of pepperoni balls you get in Erie?

If anyone has a recipe for Greek Sauce, I'd love that as well!
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Could you describe what a pepperoni ball is?

And if Greek Sauce is something other than a cauldron of flaming oil could you describe that too?
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Did you see this Chowhound thread? There are a couple of recipes that appear to have been posted by Erie natives. (Pepperoni balls, Greek sauce)
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