Can this book tell me everything?
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I'm trying to figure out the title of a book that describes one's personality, taking into account one's moon sign, rising sign, and Chinese zodiac sign. My boyfriend remembers this book from years ago...

My boyfriend is not really into this kind of thing but found it uncannily accurate. Somebody brought the book into his workplace about ten years ago.

I've searched around the internet but found nothing. Any suggestions about what this book's title might be would be appreciated. Thanks!
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It could be Sun Sign, Moon Sign or Sun and Moon Signs. There are so many books like this. Could be one of Linda Goodman's. Does he recall anything else? The cover, the gender of the author, any famous people featured....that kind of thing.
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Is it The New Astrology by Suzanne White?
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Thanks, everyone! It was the Suzanne White book, indeed.
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