Eating in New Orleans?!?
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New Orleans eats? A friend from Qatar (!) is traveling to Nawlins, would love some suggestions for places locals eat, mostly cajun and seafood--from cheap diners to spending a good bit of money. Thanks
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Stella! and Stanley for Cajun/creole.

Domelise's for po'boys (opinions vary as to the best in town, I prefer Domelise's).

Couchon also for Cajun/creole.
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We were there a few years ago and ate our way around as much of downtown as we could. The one that we still talk about is Bayona, Susan Spicer's restaurant. Spendy, but amazing.
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The New Orleans Chowhound board is active, and they answer this question several times a month.
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I have only been to NO for a couple of days, but in the interest of a fellow outsider - make sure they try some Boudain and fried boudin balls. It was my favorite Cajun food. We got it from a gas station in western Louisiana though.
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It is almost impossible not to have good food in New Orleans, no matter what you eat or where you go. But I'll throw a recommendation at August, one of John Besh's restaurants. Had a tasting menu there that was knockout.
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I've been there quite a few times. If I had one night to pick the restaurant, itd be Jacques Imo's.
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Cooter Brown's (bar) at the uptown end of St. Charles. Cheap cajun food, big beer selection.

Also if you inferred from scose's comment that there is awesome food in gas stations, you inferred correctly!
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Galatoire's. Johnny's Po' Boys. Central Grocery.
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Nola. Expectations are high; meets them.
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Napoleon House's muffaletta is divine.
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Having just visited last week, I'd have to second John Besh's restaurants (had incredible meals at both L√ľke and Domenica). Couchon is great as well.

Also had several great meals at The Green Goddess.

I tried several different beignets and none were nearly as good as Cafe Du Monde, despite everyone telling me that it's overhyped.

For something a little different, Hoa Hong 9 in Gretna has some of the best vietnamese food I've ever had.
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Seconding Jacques Imo's. Get the Alligator Cheesecake (which is really a quiche).

Cafe du Monde is a must.

Napoleon House is great, too. Pimm's Cup and Muffaletta, please!
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Seconding Bayona. After eating there, I bought the cookbook, and make stuff from it for dinner parties. Easy to make and never fails to impress.
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Jacques-Imo's is great (last time I went was with several other Mefites!) but the wait can be long and the service is slooooowwwww, FYI.

My favorite "nice" place is Palace Cafe - it's owned by Brennan's so you have the same high-quality of food as Commander's Palace and their other (awesome) restaurants, but it's a little more low-key. The food is freakin amazing, and also it's beautiful inside.
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Oh, it's possible to have ungood food in New Orleans!

When I was there Couchon and Domelise's were both closed, much to the Missus' dismay, they were tops on her list.

August was incredible, amazing food and non pretentious vibe.

Bayona was very so-so, I was vegetarian at the time and didn't feel that they really rose to the occasion (August definitely did). There was one appetizer that was stupendous though.

Nola was truly disappointing, should have known as over a weekend where everything had a wait or was booked solid, they had open tables. I did have the best-ever cup of coffee here, no joke. Blue Mountain.

We went to a "locals" place called Mother's- huge line, nothing special, pretty expensive for a Denny's like experience, well, if you had to wait in line for an hour to get into a Denny's.
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We went to a "locals" place called Mother's- huge line, nothing special, pretty expensive for a Denny's like experience, well, if you had to wait in line for an hour to get into a Denny's.

I've been to Denny's, and I've been to Mothers. I'm not the biggest fan of Mothers, and thought it overrated. Still, this comparison is comical to the point of almost being offensive.
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You just haven't been to the right Denny's. May I suggest the Holyoke, MA location?
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