Thorough dentist or hygenist cleaning in San Francisco Financial District or nearby?
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Thorough dentist or hygienist in San Francisco, in or close to the Financial District?

I would love to find a dentist or hygienist who is extremely thorough and conscientious when getting my regular cleaning. I've had some really good ones in other cities, but so far unsuccessful in finding someone in SF FiDi (or nearby) who will do more than 25 minutes of cleaning that leaves a little to be desired.

Any advice in (1) specific dentist or office, or (2) how to look for one? Yelp doesn't seem very helpful in this regard.

I found but it's now 7 years old and slightly broader than what I'm looking for. seems ok to use but there isn't a lot of reviews there.

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I think my dentist Tom Jow and the hygienists (e.g. Lily) are very thorough. He's at 450 Sutter. I've been going to that practice for 15 years. Not cheap but very very competent.
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Thank you, ClaudiaCenter. I'll give them a try. If anyone else has recommendations, I'd love to hear, as well.
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I had a good experience with Alan Malouf, also at 450 Sutter, but I think the reason that you're not getting many answers is because no one really has a good feel for what your exacting standards are regarding the thoroughness of the cleaning.

Generally, across the board, my experiences with dental cleanings have been... good... I guess? I don't really know what a bad one would be like that I felt wasn't "thorough and conscientious."
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I love Dr. Perona as a dentist- he helped me correct a cavity-filling-gone-wrong and guided me thtrough the crown process. His office is at Spear and Mission and they have early-morning appts. He's just a very trustworthy dentist.

I appreciate his hygenist Moira's time during cleanings but have no experience with the other hygienists. However, I can't say I'm particularly judgey when it comes to cleanings- my opinion is heavily biased by my trust in Dr. Perona.
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I've only great things to say about Richard Felton's office. I've had significant dental work done there, as well as years of cleanings, and it's far and away the best dental experience I've ever had. Also at 450 sutter. (There seems to be a theme here.)

But, like others, I'm not sure I have a good feel for what an inadequate cleaning would involve.
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I go to Drs. Ganji and Yang, also at 450 Sutter. I've been through a whole lot of dental work with them and really appreciate their thoroughness and professionalism. They are a husband and wife team, and I've seen both of them and like them both.
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Thank you all for your answers. I guess 450 Sutter is the place to try.

Yes, it's maybe a bit hard to describe... With the last dew dentists that I had, they seem to rush through the cleaning. And, when I run my tongue over my teeth, I could feel that certain harder to reach places were never really cleaned. I ask that they can those parts, which they do after my request, but I'd rather have dentists or hygienists who take their time and do a thorough job to begin with. I realize I'm a bit of a perfectionist about this - thanks for your suggestions.
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