What is the best stock trading (broker) pletform?
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What is the best platform for trading stocks and receiving alerts? I am using Thinkorswim right now and dissatisfied.

I am a trader with $10k. I have determined that I want to move my money to Interactive Brokers because their commissions seem to be the lowest for the kinds of positions I'm trading. I was also planning on continuing to use thinkorswim because I like to use their thinkscript to create custom indicators and then set alerts to these indicators.

The only problem is that thinkorswim's server/data can be very unreliable. For instance, right now all of my custom indicators are not updating properly so I am unable to receive alerts. I have talked to ToS trade desk and they have confirmed that it is a problem with their system that they are "working on" but seriously any institution that deals with money shouldn't have these sorts of outages even with minor services like a customer's custom indicators. Their software is great but I'd like to have something similar with another company that is more reliable and will allow me to receive alerts even when I'm away from my computer.
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I like interactive brokers - low cost yet comprehensive. Their system lets you configure alerts so perhaps this will be enough?
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TradeStation can do all sorts of scans. Can use it as standalone software or as an execution platform as well.
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Response by poster: Are there no other stock traders here? Anyone with knowledge of the alert functionality of these various softwares please chime in.
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