CAn I leave my old phone on while waiting for the new one to be activated?
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Does my old phone need to be turned off while I wait for my new phone to be activated?

I'm transferring my cell service from Sprint to Ting and am in the middle of the activation process and porting my number from Sprint to Ting. I started the activation about 90 minutes ago and nothing has happened yet. I live way out in the middle of nowhere where landline service isn't available, Ting's website says activation can take up to a day and I'm wondering if it will mess up the process if I turn on my old phone in the interim. Does anyone know?
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Best answer: Old phone needs to be off. If it's pinging the towers it's not going to transfer. This said, Ting takes a day?

I deployed 47 phones this week and none took longer than 30 minutes to transfer.

They were from various services to either Sprint or Verizon (and some Sprint to Sprint), but I had problems with only 2 and in both cases the original wasn't turned off.
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I would consider rebooting your new phone and trying to get it to contact the towers again.
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Response by poster: I've got this quote from Ting's Help page:
How long will it take to port my phone number to Ting?
On average, transferring your number to Ting should happen the same day, if porting from another major carrier. During beta program, number ports are completing within 2-3 days. We expect to have this process tightened up in time for retail launch in 2012.

It's been 125 minutes now and I've tried rebooting and updating the profile through the settings several times with no luck yet. I should have read their FAQs more thoroughly before beginning this. I discovered a few minutes ago their support personnel are only on duty 8am-8pm Eastern time.

Thanks for confirming my suspicion the old phone should be turned off. I guess I'll just do my best to be patient.
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Burhanistan, Ting looks to be a CDMA provider. ATT and T-Mo aren't going to be relevant for it.
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Response by poster: Well I was surprised when I received an email from Ting today that told me I can go ahead and use the original phone while waiting for the porting and activation to complete. That's very good news considering it has now been 22 hours since I started the activation and it still hasn't happened.

Normally I'd be a little (at least) pissed re the slowness and lack of communication, but every time I begin to anger, I calm down as soon as I remember I'll be saving about 80% off what I used to pay every month for my mobile service.
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Response by poster: A quick followup: Both numbers were ported and new phones activated while old phones were running. I was without service for just a few minutes and a manual profile update got the new phone up and running.
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