I have run out of business as I'm about to fly to SxSw? How can I cleverly share my contact info?
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Just realized that I have run out of business cards, and I am speaking at SXSW in a week. What clever, amusing, geeky solutions for sharing my contact information are out there?

I realized this afternoon that I have completely run out of business cards. Ugh. Next week, I'll be flying out to Austin, TX to speak at SxSw Interactive. This will be my fifth year attending, and one of the best things I get out of the festival each year is the fantastic people I meet. Each year I give out a bunch of business cards to share my my contact information, and I've stayed in touch with many of these people, so I would hate to lose this opportunity because I wasn't paying attention and didn't order new cards from MOO in time. I guess I could just write my name and number on the back of matchbooks as I meet people, but I imagine a more elegant solution is out there!

What clever, fun, amusing, original and geeky way can I share my contact information with people I meet in Austin?

I would like to share my name, mobile/office number, email, Twitter handle and website with the folks I meet. I'm flying out next Wednesday, so I have 4 days to pull this together. I'd be willing to spend $50-$100 dollars (which is what I would spend having cards printed). I realize I could probably print my own at home, but I'm not the most graphically talented person and don't have the best quality printer. I'm open to any physical/digital solutions that exist, the more unique the better.

Thanks in advance hive mind for helping me let people know who I am and turning strangers into friends!
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I would be very, very shocked if you could not get a printer to digitally print nice cards for you in a day or two. I would explore this option first. Maybe get them printed in Austin and shipped to your hotel.
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You could do an electronic business card. "Just text EvilPRGuy to 50500."

That's what I do. I used to buy moo cards, but I can edit my contxts card as much as I want. And it's easy for people to remember who you were when they're buried in physical cards and you're the one who provided your information electronically.
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A rubber stamp and some card stock.
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FedEx Kinkos will turn business cards around while you wait if you use their inhouse templates. I wouldn't say the templates are clever/fun/amusing/original, but they're not awful either. You can use nice heavy stock, too. Just show up at a FedEx/Kinkos, plop down at one of their workstations, and you'll be out with your cards in about an hour. Nota Bene: DON'T TRY THIS ONLINE. Their (very nice) online business card widget is totally separate from their inhouse operation, and you won't be able to work between the two. Go to the location and use the workstation there if you want to get instant cards.
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I am seriously considering getting some business coins minted.
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Use the FedEx templates, and then rubberstamp with a small rubberstamp in a funky color.
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Yeah, in our print shop, business cards are a next-day item as a matter of course, same-day in special cases. Unless you're doing a really fancy die-cut/embossed/unique card, any digital shop should be able to kick out a thousand for you, same or next day.
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moo.com did me very well, did the design, and even without the express shipping I had them a week earlier than expected, so you may still want to try them.
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I agree with xedrik that you should be able to get business cards from a printer in time. But if you want to go goofy, you could use your phone or ipad to add people as friends on facebook as you meet them.
Another seriously goofy idea would be to print up a large sign with your info and ask new people to take a picture of the two of you standing together, holding the large card, with their phone. It's wacky and memorable. Weird enough to stick out.
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Put a QR code on your badge or on a button, which people can scan to be directed to your website, a page with your contact info, etc., perhaps?
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I'd go with Blinx, similar to what Phoebus recommended (but I think this is more customizable).
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Moo is offering attendees 50 free business cards with your info and "We met at SXSW" if you order by March 4. You can pick them up at SXSW when you get here.
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