Is there any good and free CD cataloging software?
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Is there any good and free CD cataloging software?

I've got a a few hundred albums (mostly CDs), plus some assorted single track i-tunes purchases, and it's finally getting to the point where I can't remember everything I have. The problem is that a good chunk of how I woodshed and learn new songs is by listening to different versions I have of that song. So I'm looking for a program that'll let me enter the album, tracks, and who's playing on that album, and then let me search by all those. It'd be really nice if I could search by composer, but not that's not a deal breaker. I'd prefer windows XP, but could also do Mac OS X if that's the best option.

Cheap is great, free is better.

I've tried the spreadsheet approach, but it just looks... messy, and can be a pain to search.
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Delicious Library?
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It's not free, but damn do I love Catraxx.
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Not free (but cheap) i use CodeAero's Music Label to manage my 1700-some-odd CDs (and have for 4-5 years). Also handles computer audio collections.

Their support is awesome and its XP compatible.
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Response by poster: All three look great. Thanks.
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Also not free, but I like CDPedia better than Delicious Library (haven't tried the other two). I think it'll do everything that you're looking for.
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