does this ice axe murderer ring any bells?
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Who was the good-selling (maybe even best-selling) mystery or police procedural novelist whose protagonist always ate dinner standing over his kitchen sink?

He would have been popular in the late 1970's and 1980's. If I recall correct his best known book had a plot about a serial killer who had three or four Manhattan murders where he walked up behind somebody and smashed them in the back of the head with a mountain climber's ice axe. If you know the title of that book also that would be really swell.

Thank you!
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I think it's the First Deadly Sin by Lawrence Sanders. The character is Edward X. Delaney.
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But the guy eating over the sink (he made massive sandwiches) was Archy McNally.
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Not that it's who you are looking for (Delaney) but Robert Parker's Spencer ate over his sink periodically too. I think it's a tough guy/big sandwich thing.
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Yes, I read all of those books! For sure it's Lawrence Sanders- I remember the ice pick story!

Nice memory MoonOrb..I couldn't think of the name but was thinking 'detective over sink...I know those books'!
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Oh and so does Sue Grafton's character kinsey milhone!
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