Brooklyn lush seeks cheap drinks
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Brooklyn girl likes drinking but is cheap. What are the best brunch deals in the borough, preferably with a free drink? What are your favorite happy hours? What are the best iPhone apps or websites that list happy hours and/or drink specials? All borough-wide recommendations appreciated, though anything located in Fort Greene, Clinton Hill, Prospect Heights and DUMBO are most desired.

I'm a lush, but I'm cheap. I like weekday happy hours because I can get a fun, cheap buzz and then go home and sober up. I like brunch deals that offer a free drink with the meal, or on truly hedonistic weekends, a bottomless drink deal. I like websites and apps that will tell me such things. I know of MyOpenBar, but it's far from comprehensive and fairly Manhattan-centric.
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For brunch with drinks: It's not the absolute cheapest but I like Fonda in Park Slope a lot. Not sure if there are drink refills but there are chips-and-salsa refills!

Le Paddock's not bad, and also has a prix fixe with drink deal.

Happy hour wise, I like Pacific Standard--not bad prices though, again, it's not quite bargain-basement.
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Putnam's on Clinton and Myrtle Aves in Clinton Hill has some great food deals as part of their happy hour. The bruch doesn't have FREE drinks, but it's not bad price-wise (and the food is good).

Plus, any place that puts black truffle in their mac-and-cheese is worth investigating for that fact alone.

(Disclaimer: one of the bartenders gave me TWO free drinks when I came in to recover from a nasty shock once, and the owner was the person who performed the initial first aid on my broken foot, so I'm inclined to really like this place.)
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A couple of happy hours:

Sharlene's on Flatbush – all $3 drafts.
4th Ave Pub/Washington Commons (same owners) – $2 off everything
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Best answer: I've recommended it before, but Chavellas in Prospect Heights/Crown Heights has an $11.95 brunch with $2 drinks. Aperitivo on 5th Ave in Park Slope also does an $11.95 brunch, with unlimited drinks for $4.

High Dive has cheap, daily happy hour and free popcorn. $2 cheap draughts, and $1 off everything else.
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Oh, have you checked out Brokelyn?
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Soda Bar on Vanderbilt has $3 beers, noon-7pm every day, and a burger special that comes with a Rolling Rock for I think $5.

I second Chavella's on Franklin, oh yes, and Sharlene's.
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Duff's in Williamsburg is a metal bar with $1 PBRs during "happy hour" until 9PM every day of the week, I believe.
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I haven't lived in NYC for 3 years, but this was always my go to for cheap booze info They have borough tabs, and many Brooklyn options.
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Best answer: Brunch in your neighborhood: I know at one point Scottadito on Union had unlimited mimosas, and so does Sotto Voce, but I haven't been there in years so not sure if it's still happening. Sotto Voce also has unlimited pound cake (no really. a refilled basket of poundcake, instead of bread.)
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