What is this awesome Chinese fish soup?
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What was this awesome Chinese fish soup I used to get in NYC? BONUS QUESTION : where can I find it in the Bay area?

So, I used to see this Chinese fish soup EVERYWHERE in NYC, but I haven't seen it anywhere in the Bay area.

It featured a sweet, mild white fish. Whole pieces of the fillet, not fish balls. The broth was clear and a bit sour. There was some kind of vegetable in it : crunchy, kind of the same texture as a bamboo shoot, only thicker. It may or may not have been served with rice. I don't recall the presence of noodles. Typically would be served in a big bowl for two or more people.

I miss this awesome soup! What is it and where can I find it? Or can you recommend a recipe so that I can make it myself?
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I've seen it called by a few different names, but it's basically "sliced fish and sour cabbage soup". It's definitely a Szechuan dish, most places with authentic cuisine from that region should serve it. And yes, it's awesome.
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Oh, and that vegetable you're remembering is a bamboo shoot, they're just larger wedges instead of the slices you usually see. It doesn't have noodles.
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It could also be a Teochew (Chiu Chow) soup, often referred to as "sliced fish soup". Sliced pieces of fish (often threadfin), pickled mustard, sometimes tomatoes too. If the vegetable you remember was sour, then its the pickled mustard. Unfortunately I have no idea where you can find it in the Bay Area; if the soup I'm describing is what you're talking about though, I can probably help you find a recipe for it.
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Best answer: I've never had the stuff in new york but this sounds a little like the sliced fish and preserved vegetable soup they have at
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Best answer: oops. sliced fisha nd preserved vegetable soup at Beijing Restaurant in Mission Terrace. Even if it's not what you're after, it's delicious!
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Best answer: Assuming previous posters are correct in identifying it as Szechuan-style fish and sour/pickled cabbage soup, it looks like it's on the menu (as "Fish Soup With Pickled") at Z & Y, which is a very good Szechuan restaurant in SF Chinatown.
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