Good restaurants in Strasbourg?
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Help me find great restaurants in Strasbourg! Traveling to Strasbourg, France, with some foodie friends and looking for good recommendations. Budget is flexible. Thanks!
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The first place I'd check is Le Fooding; they steered me well in Paris. Here are their results for Strasbourg. From that limited list (six results), Chut and Umami look great to me.
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(To save you the clicking: Chut, Umami. And all of a sudden, I'm starving.)
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I really liked Au Coin des Pucelles for hearty Alsatian food when I spent a weekend there (yes, found via Le Fooding). And not a restaurant, but I highly recommend a wine store called Au fil du vin libre. Great natural wines, super nice owner (who speaks English, if that's your thing), and at least the Saturday I was there, had about five bottles open to taste (several of which I wound up buying). No website, but their info seems to be at various places on the web, e.g. here.
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By the by, I don't remember what any of them were, but the owner of that wine store had what seemed to be good suggestions for food and wine bars as well. Oh, and there was a beer bar, Les Douze ApĂ´tres, just in front of the cathedral (slightly down the street directly in front of the main doorway) that was shockingly good and reasonably priced for its location. Tons of beers, many Belgian or German, and you can sit outside and gaze up at an amazing building.

(p.s. If you like being a foodie in Strasbourg, try heading down to Lyon sometime)
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