Eating out in Lisbon
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Can you recommend any good restaurants in Lisbon, including both the local cuisine or any other world cuisine?
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An absolute must is Bife Na Pedra. It means Steak on a Stone. You get a red hot stone and they slap the most amazing piece of beef by it, for you to cook as you like. It's absolutely brilliant and not too expensive.

It's also popular though... the queue stretches out quite a way most nights, but they tend to eat late so if you're there before 8 you should be fine to get a table.

It is on Rua das Gáveas, If you look this up in google maps you will see a square to the south of it. If you enter the street from this square it is the first place you come to on your right. Its very small.
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I have lots of recommendations and I know the city well. Any specific criteria? Price? Neighborhoods? I could probably write a thesis on this.

Good eating is all over Lisbon. Even the touristy heart has places that locals frequent. Last time I was in the city center I had a bifana at Beira Gare while standing at the counter with my wife's cousin in this impossibly tiny place. We had a ginjinha before our meal. And then had ice cream afterwards had a gelato at Santini's. asked about restaurants. My personal favorite is probably trying to get in to Cantinho de Bem Estar in Bairro Alto. It only has like 4 tables and the owner is very moody (Dont tell him I said that or he'll ban me!) so its risky. Then a drink afterwards at Pavilhao Chines.

Ok, seriously, restaurants. If its warm and you want Portuguese food in a very Portuguese atmosphere go to Santo Antonio de Alfama. They have a great patio surrounded by their neighbors who are always up to some drama. The food and wine are delicious. If you want great Cape-Verde/Angolan cuisine, go to Casa de Morna in the Alcantara area. If you want a sophisticated experience eating Portuguese-Belgian food (really!) go to A Travessa. If you want a seedy experience (druggies and hookers lingering outside) eating great great seafood, go to Ramiro.

Let me know if you're looking for something specific.
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Compared to other major cities on the Euro, Lisbon offered the most affordable good eats.

My memory of specific restaurants has mostly come and gone. I remember enjoying Flor da Laranja, a Moroccan food restaurant. They had a great savory bowl of cinnamon spiced chicken on the bone with a heart portion of flavored couscous. It was in the Bairro Alto district.

Like Vacapinta mentioned above, it is very easy to grab some of the shots of cherry-like brandy (ginjinha) in the Bairro Alto as well. Cheap as well. Last summer when my wife and I visited, it was very easy to get 1-to-2 euro drinks of ginjinha or sangria.

Dnner is typically eaten later in Lisbon. One night we were starving, ate at 6:30 in the evening to one empty restaurant. Other nights, eating at 8-10pm had a more typical and busier atmosphere.
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