Time for Gmail Upgrade?
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Google Apps Upgrade Question: I use free version of gmail for my personal domain and because it pulls my personal and work emails I have reached the 7GB limit. I find the ability of searching all my emails in one place on web very useful (as oppose to installing desktop clients on all the different computers I work on).

One option is to upgrade to paid version which pushes my limit to 25GB.

In principle I am open to paying a few bobs to get more space BUT I have questions for the hivemind:

1. Is there a way around, can I just buy more space and do something geeky clever? If I can retain search capability that would be the ideal option.

2. The upgrade gives many features which seem to be of use to big corporations. Are any of these features going to be useful to me as a single user on my domain?

3. If you upgrade your account does it automatically charge you for as many email addresses you have or can you just upgrade one or two users?
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Chances are that the great majority of the space is used by attachments, quite possibly irrelevant ones. You might want to try something like this or this before you go further.
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I have upgraded the space and it only upgraded the one email address/account. The space is also usable by your Picasa and Google Docs account. I don't know about, nor have I looked into, any additional benefits.

As for clearing out attachments, that is a potentially good idea if you are close to the edge. The problem is that GMail does not make it easy to identify the largest attachments (as far as I know).

I am close to 13 GB of email and growing, so I decided to go the easy route and pay for additional space. I don't have any geeky ideas, other than the obvious one of creating more than one gmail account and moving some of your messages there. Perhaps old messages moved to a secondary account? Or split work and personal messages?
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Could you start a new account on your domain via Google Apps, then forward all your new mail from the other account to it, and set up a "send as" thing on the new account so you can reply from "your" (the original) email account when you're emailing people? That's more or less what I do with my work email account and Google Apps, and it works great. That's also what I plan to do when I run out of room on my personal apps account.
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You can find your largest attachments using Google Apps script. Here's an example: http://www.enterprise-expert.com/2011/10/going-beyond-25gb-of-google-apps.html
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