Changing teams from Android to Apple; will iTunes think we're cheating?
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Two iPhones, one iTunes account? Match made in hell?

My spouse has an iPhone; when she got it, I was kicking it with Android. She uses our (my) iTunes account for apps, since it's the only account we have and all our music is shared there.

So, this weekend I am switching teams and moving from my old Android dinosaur (it's a Motorola Backflip y'all, I can't wait to DTMFA).

Will there be any issues with my using our (my) iTunes account for apps and music as well? I'm completely confused as to how this all will work . . .
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Best answer: You can have a shared iTunes account and separate iCloud accounts. That's going to be the best solution if you want to share purchases but don't want to cross the streams for other iCloud stuff.

Lots of households share an iTunes account for purchases: Apple doesn't regard it as "cheating".
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Best answer: It'll work fine. You can use separate Apple IDs for things you want to keep separate, like iCloud settings and backups, but share IDs for things like the App Store and iTunes.
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It is an excellent idea, and totally doable. I wish my wife and I had done it. Might still be worth it to switch to a single one. As it is, we use my iTunes account for my phone and the iPad.
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Response by poster: Awesome, thanks. I was over-thunking it, apparently!
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Thanks for asking. I'd been wondering this myself as I'm thinking of switching us to an iPhone household.
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You don't even have to share Apple IDs. You can install apps from multiple accounts on multiple devices. My husband and I do this all the time, to share games and such.
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holgate has it. Just note, the one thing you can't do is share Photostreams. Each iCloud account has its own Photostream so you'll have to mingle your photos manually if that's something you want to do.
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Best answer: I'm going to point out I find this stuff fascinating. I was having this discussion with a coworker today. I asked her what happens in the case of a divorce. She said everything was in his name.

I'm not trying to be a pessimist, but there is something to be considered here.
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Response by poster: Well the iTunes account is in my name, so it's ALL MINE HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
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My prenup has a clause where I get Carcasonne.
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Response by poster: Update - all went well. And I can install the apps she's already purchased! FTW!
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